Northwest Mathematics Conference 2012

I was asked to post my presentation slides and I promised to have them up this weekend. If you were not in attendance, they probably don’t make a lot of sense. If you were in attendance, I probably didn’t make a lot of sense.

Some of the activities that I shared were my own; other activities were my renditions of the works of masters.

Some quick links:

The Masters
Fawn Nguyen’s Barbie Bungee & Follow Up on Friday Bubbles
Andrew Stadel’s Estimation 180
Kate Nowak’s Absolute Value Both Rigorous and in Context

Also, I blogged about K8’s activity in this post: Teachers Make Excellent Pirates – Two Treasures from Blogs I Follow.

The more sides you have, the smarter you are.
Math Picture Book Post #2: Calvin Can’t Fly
Hey, I just met you and I wanna rock your gypsy soul
Revisiting GeoGebra

I haven’t blogged about the linear/quadratic patterns activity (yet), but here are some similar posts: Linear Functions – Concretely, Pictorially, Symbolically (my first post) & Revisiting Pictorial Representations of Linear Functions.

Special thanks to Eddi Vulic for being my straight man (“What’s that in the pudding?”) and for pointing out my mispronunciation of Nguyen. Oh well, at least this probably didn’t leave the room…

Oh crap.

I’ll leave you with this: