Mathblogosphere Presentation

Sam Shah is compiling a list of presentations about the mathtwitterblogosphere. Here’s mine:

The workshop was a 4½-hour mixture of problem-solving, show & tell, discussion, and self-directed exploration. This was no ‘sit and git’ workshop (slide 6).

Because teachers at the session came from several different schools, I started with a get to know each other icebreaker. Using the information on their name tags (slide 1), newly introduced teachers created a Venn diagram (slides 8-10) that reflected some aspect of their group.

Presenting on the work of others can be a little odd. Hat tips were given to the mathblogosphere in general (slides 12 & 13) as well as to individual bloggers.

In these groups, teachers solved three problems: stacking cups (slides 14 & 15), LEGO optimization (slides 19 & 20), and visual patterns (slide 23). I connected these problems to related lesson ideas (slides 17 & 21) and teacher-created classroom resource websites (slides 18 & 21).

Next, teachers took part in a couple of activities that could be easily translated to different topics: Pictionary (slide 24) and matching cards (slides 26 & 27). These activities address two of the seven WNCP mathematical processes: visualization (slide 25) and communication (slide 28).

In addition to lesson ideas and teaching strategies, I wanted to draw attention to the mathblogosphere as a place to find conversations (slide 29). Participants chose to read and discuss one of four listed blog posts (slide 30), forming new groups.

Launching off the mathtwitterblogosphere site, teachers were given time to get started using Google Reader, explore on their own, and share their discoveries.

I hope this is helpful to those of you planning presentations on this topic.

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