Math Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday’s post reminded me of an activity we created for a recent department head meeting/pro-d workshop.

In pairs, DHs were asked to take a photo (with an iPad — sorry, Timon) of each of the following:

  • a perfect square
  • the use of a referent to determine the linear measure of an object
  • a positive & negative slope
  • a non-linear relation
  • an irrational number
  • similar 2-D shapes or 3-D objects
  • angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal
  • a contextual problem that involves the sine law or cosine law
  • a z-score of ±2
  • elements in the complement, the intersect, or the union of two sets
  • a stranger engaged in math

Math Scavenger Hunt (Secondary)

A fun break from a wrapping our heads around a transformed competency-based curriculum.

In my classroom, I’d probably prefer a more narrow focus — a specific concept over a general math activity. For homework, have students take a photo of parallel lines and a transversal. In class, ask What do you notice? Christopher Danielson’s students — future elementary teachers — were asked to photograph a composed unit, which led to a lovely classroom discussion. Dan Meyer kicks the find a positive & negative slope challenge up a notch by holding a steepest stairs competition.

Any other ideas for challenges/activities?

DEC Stairs
Another DEC photo

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