Virtual File Cabinet


Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem

Locker Problem Nico Rowinsky

Pythagorean Exploration Chris Hunter
26 Squares Alex Overwijk
Squarea Challenge The Super Source
Touchdown-Stopping Tackle YummyMath
The Schoolyard Problem MARS
Taco Cart Dan Meyer
TV Space Timon Piccini

Ratio, Rate, and Percent

Estimation 180 Jams Andrew Stadel
Sharing Costs: Travelling to School
Fair Share Pair Chris Hunter

What is the ratio of the pair of Cuisenaire rods above? How many pairs can you find with the same ratio?

Nana’s PaintChocolate Milk, and Lemonade Dan Meyer
Tile Pile Desmos
Proportional Reasoning MARS
Cola Comparison Chris Hunter
Partial Product Dan Meyer
New-Tritional Info Mathalicious
What Does 2000 Calories Look Like? Robert Kaplinsky
Super Bear Dan Meyer
Split Time Dan Meyer
On Your Mark Mathalicious
On Pace Chris Hunter
Fast Clapper Nathan Kraft
Capture-Recapture with Goldfish Julie Reulbach
Mullet Ratio Matt Vaudrey
“Selfiest” Cities Chris Hunter
Sugar Sugar Jon Orr (Desmos activity)
Carnival Tickets Robert Kaplinsky
Increasing and Decreasing Quantities by a Percent MARS
Dueling Discounts Dan Meyer
Bed Bath & Beyond Coupon Robert Kaplinsky
The Gap Sale Yummy Math
Best “2 for” Deal YummyMath

How much should you spend? How much should you not spend?

Fraction Operations

Fraction Division via Rectangles Fawn Nguyen

Linear Relations

Pattern Block Perimeters Chris Hunter
Visual Patterns Fawn Nguyen
Pool Border Problem Desmos
Modeling with a Linear Function Illustrative Mathematics
Off the Charts Michael Fenton (Desmos activity)

Surface Area and Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

File Cabinet Andrew Stadel
Krispy Kreme YummyMath
Sugar Cubes Graham Fletcher
Nissan Girl Scout Cookies Dan Meyer
Dandy Candies Dan Meyer
Pop Box Design Timon Piccini
Maximum Popcorn Fawn Nguyen
Popcorn Picker Dan Meyer
You Pour, I Choose Dan Meyer


Doritos Roulette: Hot or Not Kyle Pearce
Yellow Starbursts Dan Meyer

Measures of Central Tendency

Representing Variability with Mean, Median, Mode, and Range MARS
Comparing Test Scores Illustrative Mathematics


Rational Numbers

Bottomless Mug Andrew Stadel

Powers and Exponents


Linear Relations

The Crow and the Pitcher NCTM Illuminations
Barbie Bungee Fawn Nguyen
100×100 In-N-Out Cheeseburger Robert Kaplinsky
Charge! Michael Fenton
LEGO Prices Desmos

Surface Area of Composite Objects

Aluminum Foil Prank Robert Kaplinsky

Similarity and Symmetry

Marcellus the Giant Dan Meyer (Desmos activity)
Life-Size Barbie Fawn Nguyen
Look-Alike Rectangles John Van de Walle et al.
Mini-golf Fawn Nguyen



Measurement Systems, Surface Area, and Volume

Measurement, Explored Christopher Danielson
Sink Hole Robert Kaplinsky
Water Tank Dan Meyer
Meatballs Dan Meyer
Project Spiky Door Kate Nowak

Roots and Powers

Visual Approach to Simplifying Radicals Marc Garneau


Interpreting Algebraic Expressions MARS
Quadratic Patterns Chris Hunter
Visual Patterns Fawn Nguyen

Relations and Functions

Function Carnival Desmos
Water Line Desmos

Linear Functions

Marbleslides: Lines Desmos
Stacking Cups Dan Meyer
Domino Effect Mathalicious
A Measure of Slope MARS
Lines, Slopes and Linear Equations MARS
Polygraph: Lines Desmos
Land the Plane Desmos

Systems of Linear Equations

Stacking Cups Andrew Stadel

Marilyn Burns’ Mathematical Tug-of-War
Van de Walle et al.
Van de Walle et al.

Coin Counting Dan Meyer


Proportional Reasoning

BP Pizza Menu

Bubble Wrap Dan Meyer
Pizza Doubler Dan Meyer
Evaluating Statements About Enlargements (2D & 3D) MARS


Set Theory

SET Nat Banting


Keypad Chris Hunter
License Plates John Rowe


Sequences and Series

Timbits Chris Hunter
Super Stairs Dan Meyer
Hot Dog Duel Robert Kaplinsky
Toothpicks Dan Meyer

Quadratic Functions

Will It Hit The Hoop? Dan Meyer
Penny Circle Desmos
Polygraph: Parabolas

Quadratic Equations

A Different Quadratic Formula Marc Garneau


Rational Functions

Polygraph: Rational Functions Desmos

Transformations of Functions

What’s My Transformation? Desmos
Surprising Transformations NRICH

Combining Functions

Coupon Composition Scott Keltner

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Decaying Dice Illustrative Mathematics

Trigonometric Functions

Graphs from the Unit Circle NCTM Illuminations
Sinusoidal Sort Chris Hunter
Ferris Wheel Dan Meyer

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